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View Queue of Pending Notes

Need a screen where the provider can review a list of "pending" consultation documents. This is a status between when a consultation/encounter ends, and when the documentation is completed, approved, and/or billed. 

From this screen providers need to be able to view a list of pending consultations, open the documentation in progress, add addendums to the document, "sign" the document/mark it as complete, adjust add additional line items to the consultation fee/bill (including Insurance policy based fee adjustments), charge the patients card.

Once an encounter document is marked as complete, it is marked as "past", and made available to the patient and related users to review the full details.


From the patient perspective, the user can view a list of pending encounter records. Clicking on a pending record, will show the basic encounter details (Patient Info, Encounter Info, Provider Info, Reasons and Intake Data), but not the provider notes. The bottom of the information view will show as "Pending Completion<br>The full document will be available once your provider is finished"

  • Benjamin Ross
  • Oct 10 2016
  • Planned
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