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Coumpound Rules: Operator "AND" to be disabled from "Patient can Register if..."

AND in not necessary to stay for "Patient can Register if...", because NEW user from anywhere is not able to register at all if we have available that operator within Rule.

As mentioned in skype chat: "the expectation is that we made the system, clients make the rule, so we just give them the pieces to build and they decide what to build. Like Daniel said on the call - we are not doing the thinking for them"
I totally agree with above, but from Client persective, Maybe is better to Disable AND operator here in order to avoid in the Future milion calls to our Customer Service.
If we agree that AND should be disabled (Gray) in this place, it would be also good if Admin can get Friendly Pop-up message about it.

Or maybe to implement under Modules: Enable "OR"/"AND" operator within Rules ON/OFF
Or Within instruction Video, for Clients, to highlight that Part and to be as "Good to know"

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  • Jan 3 2018
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