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Users who are registered in the system to Receive an SMS Merged

I think that Users (Customers, Providers/Admins, Dependents, Cousers) who are registered in the system would be good to Receive an SMS, beside email, when they are invited to join on Consultation (Video, Open)?

I suppose that would be perfect to have that SMS as well in order to improve speed of notification for our clients, also that could be open few more things:
   1) User who gets SMS to answer with YES or NO for joining to Consultation + that YES/NO confirmation to be followed with appropriate notification in the System during consultation and within Patient List
   2) User who gets SMS to be able to chat via SMS if he/she is not able to have Video Consultation or if he/she doens't have Internet connection ....and that to be charched with the same price as standard SMS or for Free 

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  • Feb 15 2018
  • Likely to implement