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Patient registration expiration

When a patient expires, they have 24 hours to activate their account. This activation process, if not completed, means they have to then call into IT Support (who cannot resend the activation), only to instruct them to call the practice and tell them to send it, and sometimes the practice having to ask how to do so. If the activation system simply just sent a reminder, say, every 24hours "You only have 1 step left before your Appointment on XYZ!" type of email, and it would remind them to go set their password, which is essentially activating their account and cutting down on patient/provider frustrations with patients not following process and having to do less administrative work in the long-run. 

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  • Mar 14 2018
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    March 14, 2018 20:20

    Actually, to add on clarity and functionality perhaps better yet in the case those emails are being ignored (as Dori and Christie pointed out, can very well be the case!) you can have "Resend activation" and if you added even more to that, you could say "Send me an SMS" or "Send me an email" maybe they dont have personal email on their phone but they do have SMS (I dont have personal email on my phone, it drives me nuts). Just some thoughts.